Going Diving

The Inspiration.....

Why did I take up diving? I think like many others I was inspired by what I saw on television or in films; James Bond being attacked by sharks or Jacques Cousteau exploring the world's oceans. These days it would be Wreck Detectives or the BBC's Blue Planet. When I reached the tender age of 18 and went to University the opportunity arrived to learn........that was over 30 years ago!

Your first open water dive....

I remember with a mixture of apprehension and sheer excitement.


Having completed your pool training and theory lessons a typical first dive will be a shallow shore dive in the local lake at Wraysbury. The philosophy of BSAC training is progression in small steps. Although diving the lake can not be compared to the Red Sea there is still plenty to see and do. Many of the skills taught in the swimming pool are practised again, this time wearing full diving equipment.

Wraysbury has a number underwater platforms to train on. They have also sunk a few vehicles, boats and a cargo container for us to explore.


Your first sea dive....

Sea water contains salt, we all know that, but it also gives more buoyancy than fresh water. This means you need to add a few Kgs to your weightbelt.

The first sea dive again is a shallow shore dive, just to iron-out any problems.

Next we go boat diving from the club's Rigid Inflatables (RIBs) or from a hard boat! This is where the diving starts to get real interesting.

You continue to learn. We teach you about the boats, the wind, sea conditions, tidal currents and much more.


New diving skills are learnt such as using a surface marker buoy, a red buoy on a line so that the boatman always knows where you are.


Finally you end up somewhere exotic, like Julie here in the Red Sea.



Why am I a BSAC member?

BSAC is a club and a club is where your friends are. Diving is not just about getting under water, it is about the people you dive with and friendships you form.

Our club is family oriented. The children grow up going on club holidays to the beach. Many of them, once they are old enough, have also taken up diving, and so life moves on....