Home Maintenance Program - download available

This is a simple program designed to track all the maintenance needed to be done in the average household. Make a record of when you last serviced the car or painted the back bedroom. Track the cost of a service. It also allows you to keep a record of the relevant documents such as insurance, MOT, TAX and their due dates. I'm using it to track the cars, motorbike, all my dive gear and house decoration.

If you would like a copy then contact me.

Screen Grabs

After activation the first screen is for choosing where your database will be created and linked and creating the objects or groups that you will keep a service record for. A group or object should be named like house, car 1, car 2, motorbike.

The edit screen has several revealing panel. Here you can see that you can add the group insurance policies or tax details and dates. As the dates pass there is a red / green telegraph warning.

Now add your sub groups. This can be the make of car or the kitchen or bedroom 1 in a house. Include the detail of the item as you wish. A sub group can be deleted simply by highlighting it in the list and deleting.

Finally add the service item. Include a description, cost, and the time period to the next service. The form calculates the next time the service will be required. The service historty can also be printed, which is useful for when selling on a car as an example.



You are more than welcome to copy of the program and use this information. Send me an email request.

If you would like to give a donation I would certainly appreciate it. All monies go to keep our diving club viable and pay for this web site.