Our trip to Nemo 33 in Brussels - 2008 + 2009


Watch the video our trip



It was 7am when we caught the Eurostar to Brussels. We had opted for the better class of ticket and had the early bird breakfast. At that time in the morning it's the only way to travel. There was 17 of us and Eurostar very kindly gave us a coach to ourselves

We were on our way to Nemo 33, a massive swimming pool in Brussels that sports a tower which is 33m deep. It's only two hours from London and 20 minutes on a local tram (line 4). All you need to take is your computer, everything else is provided. We dived twice, at 1pm and then again at 4pm before dashing back to the Eurostar. The cost is €22 / dive.

The pool has multiple levels of 1.5m, 6m, 10m and of course the 34m tower bottom. At the 10m level there is a tunnel in which there are three dry (cave) areas you can surface in. The tunnel leads to the 33m deep tower.

Like all good divers we headed straight for the tower. It's surprisingly dark at the bottom and with the number of divers it quickly turns into a jacuzzi.

Going down the tower

At 34m

The computers say we are at 34m!

Exiting the tower, bubbles everywhere!

Exiting the tower you head into the tunnel and the 10m level. There are two small caves on the left and right and a very large dry chamber above them. This chamber you can surface in at the very start and finish of the tunnel.

The tunnel and the entrance to one of the small caves


The Tower can be seen at the back


Standing in the small cave


In the small cave


At 10m you take the group photo and then head up to 6m to do your deco.

....and finally, Nemo has very good Thai restaurant. We had the buffet meal for €17. Top nosh!


The return trip on the Eurostar was just as good. An excellent dinner with plenty of wine and beer. A good time was had by all!