Already a Diver?

If you are already a qualified diver looking to join a club in the area, then Eastcote Sub Aqua Club could be just the place for you!

We welcome qualified divers whatever agency you trained with and however long ago it was you qualified.

We have a number of members who started their diving career as PADI Open Water Divers who have dived with us and gone on to get BSAC qualifications; we even have an Instructor with PADI and BSAC instructing qualifications!

To decide what diving you will be able to do with us, your diving qualification will be mapped to the equivalent BSAC grade. We may ask you to do a little training to ensure you are familiar with our club and BSAC safety techniques/rules.

If you with to continue your training with us we can fully convert your existing qualification to its BSAC equivalent and from then on you can follow the BSAC training path.

This may apply to you if you have a BSAC qualification that pre-dates the current syllabus.